Hey there, this is Sally and she is crazy about love. Exactly where her love for love comes from we're not sure but suspect it has something to do with the feeling of being completely intoxicated by that one special person and if you’ve landed on this website, you know what we’re talking about.

Sally’s friendly face is met with a relaxed vibe which couples say is extremely helpful and soothing as you’re preparing for and in the midst marrying your best friend. Her calmness and confidence has grown with experience having married loads of couples in a diverse range of settings and styles, from the traditional to the quirky, each celebration uniquely different but equal in magic.

Apart from getting high on love stories, Sally is also a carpenter. It may seem like an odd combination but it’s turned out to be a beautiful balance of two different energies. Maybe this combination is a bit like you love birds, an unassuming but complimentary match that fills you up.

So, if you want your love story shared in a way that is honest, unique and moving, then just say the words… Marry Us Sally.